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For the Photographers

You've found this page because you're interested in 1 of 2 things: you want to book a mentor session or purchase my candid posing guide, or both! I'm so excited for your journey either way and can't wait see your business blow tf up!!!

Whether you're interested in a mentor session or candid posing guide, I gotchu.

Sooo you're interested in a mentor session, heck yeah!! I'm so stoked for you to invest in your business! Let me tell you a little bit more about what I offer. There are 2 options to chose from:

Option 1: You'll be able to spend an hour with me via zoom where I answer any and all questions you have about your photography business. We discuss websites, gear, subscriptions, booking clients, SEO, editing tips, and more. No question will be left unanswered. You'll get a word document of everything we covered so you can keep it to refer back to any time you need to!

Option 2: This option is great for those that would love an in person 1 on 1 session. We will work with a real couple and I show you the ropes around how I shoot with clients. I'll show you some prompts, how I work with different lighting situations and different camera settings that you can implement into your business. This must take place around the Temecula area.

Option 1 is $100, option 2 is $200, and both will require a 50% retainer fee to book.

Sooo you're interested in purchasing my candid posing guide, let's go!! I'll explain some of the awesome things that you're getting. I go in depth of 10 prompts that I use for most of my sessions as well as a page dedicated to tips on how to implement movement in sessions. With that you'll able to capture raw emotion. I decided to create this candid posing guide because I've seen multiple posing guides, but not many guides are for the carefree, documentary-style photographers. I wanted to share with you my take on how I capture movement and real moments in photos.

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