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laguna beach California engagement photo

Choosing the right 

photographer is important.

Get to know your photographer well! You spend hours talking with them, planning your day, and pulling together ideas. Ask me all the questions! If you can't see yourself vibin' with me, that's okay! But if you can, we are in it to win it, ohhh yeahhh. I will become your go to when it comes to outfit planning, location scouting, coordinating secret proposals, you know, basically anything you can think of. At your shoot, I'm there fixing your hair, your shirt, making sure you have nothing in your pockets, checking to make sure you don't have anything in your teeth from lunch...same goes with your wedding or elopement! I'm there with you ALL day cheering you on and calming your nerves and making you laugh. I'm your professional hype woman! So, if you think I can be a good fit for you, let's connect and make some magic!

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